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Sun and Moon Villas houses five villas that range in size and three room types: The largest, Yellow Moon Villa (135 sq. metres), is a 2-floor, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom villa designed to accommodate up to 6 guests. The 2-floor, 2-bedroom Purple Moon Villa (122 sq. metres) accommodates up to 4 adults and 2 children. At 110 sq. metres, the Green Moon Villa can accommodate up to 4 guests; while the Blue Moon Villa (118 sq. metres) can host up to 4 adults and 1 child. The all-on-one-level Red Moon Villa (60 sq. metres) is designed to host 2 adults and 2 children.
Choose from a 14 or 20-square-metre room with sea, pool and garden views Our two cute Sun Rooms...
2 guests
14-20 sq.m.
One 25-square-meter room with sea, pool, and garden views Cozy and charming, our Superior Double Sea View, accented...
3 guests
25 sq.m.
Three suites available: one 55-square-metre suite and two 60-square-metre suites Each has 2 rooms: 1 bedroom and 1...
4 guests
60 sq.m.
One level, 1 bedroom, 60 sq.m., private pool, sea and pool view Our Red Moon Villa, inspired by...
3 guests
60 sq.m.
2 bedrooms, 110 sq.m., private pool, sea and pool view If there were to be a green moon...
4 guests
110 sq.m.
2 bedrooms, 118 sq.m., private pool, sea and pool view If spending a summer holiday at an island...
5 guests
118 sq.m.
2 bedrooms, 122 sq.m., private pool, sea and pool view Mauve, or deep purple, is a colour that...
5 guests
122 sq.m.
3 bedrooms, 135 sq.m., private pool, sea and pool view Yellow Moon Villa, the largest of the five...
6 guests
135 sq.m.
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